<sub_headline>The quartet takes opera to the masses. <br /> </sub_headline>

Carlos Marín

Queen, "Who Wants to Live Forever"

"One of the most powerful groups ever.. They create such great moods and drama. I don't think there is ANY song from Queen I don't like!"

Tom Jones, "Love Me Tonight"

" I really think Tom Jones is one of the greatest singers of all time, and I love his stage manner. It's very hard to pick just one song but `Love Me Tonight' has such a great melody."

Innocence, "The Show Must Go On"

"Also because of my love of Queen, but this interpretation of the Show Must Go On by my ex wife Geraldine Larossa is really dramatic. She's a very talented singer and I produced the album its on so I'm quite proud of it."

Michael Jackson, "Billie Jean"

"I think everyone must have a favorite Michael Jackson track. I like all the earlier songs, it's classic `80s to me. Billie Jean is such a signature song and I have a lot of fond memories when hearing it."

Duran Duran, "A View To A Kill"

"What a classic band, and this track is also one of my favorite James Bond film themes."