Top 10 Highlights From ‘American Idol’ Season 8
Top 10 Highlights From ‘American Idol’ Season 8

From Gokey’s scream to Lady Gaga’s live performance, the best, worst, and weirdest moments from this year’s ‘Idol.’ 

The end of “American Idol” Season 8 is near. Glam rocker Adam Lambert and soulful folk-pop singer Kris Allen will vie for the crown on Wednesday night’s finale (May 20, FOX) , which will also feature performances by Black Eyed Peas, Carlos Santana, Keith Urban, Queen Latifah and, rumor has it, Britney Spears. But before this year’s ‘Idol’ is finally revealed, Billboard is looking back on all of the highlights—good, bad and ugly—of the 2009 season. See if yours made the cut.

10) Hollywood Misfits

Costume-wearing, camera-loving singers are a dime a dozen during the audition rounds of “American Idol,” but none made it further than Norman Gentle and Tatiana Del Toro, who were both welcomed into Season 8's Top 36 to the dismay and puzzlement of many. Fortunately, viewers at home saw through the gimmick and promptly had them eliminated.