1. Volkswagen: "Pink Moon" - Nick Drake

Before Volkswagen used his song "Pink Moon" in a 2000 Cabriolet commercial, only music snobs had heard of the late English folk singer Nick Drake. After the ad-in which a group of 20-somethings shun a crowded house party in favor of a serene joyride-no one could forget it. "The ad was groundbreaking in the sense that it took a great piece of esoteric music and made it click in a meaningful way," says Josh Rabinowitz, senior VP/director of music for Grey Worldwide. Sales of Drake's albums grew more than 1,200% and Volkswagen won credibility among its target demo for brilliantly obscure taste in music. "It's one of the first times that you find a brand making really creative choices," Rabinowitz says. "When you choose a lesser-known song it's as if you have your own jingle, and that's a really clever thing."--Monica Herrera