Although 50 Cent has collaborated with countless musicians, few of those tracks made it onto another artist's album. With the reggaetón duo Wisin & Yandel and the track "Mujeres En El Club," 50 Cent not only made the album but took it upon himself to promote the song and feature it on his Web site. The move highlights the importance of the Latin market to one of hip-hop's biggest stars and opens the door for other high-profile collaborations between Latin and mainstream.

WATCH THE BILLBOARD COVER SHOOT: Go behind-the-scenes at the Billboard cover shoot with 50 Cent and Wisin & Yandel.

What was it like working with Wisin & Yandel?

When they sent the actual concept, I listened to it and the melodies completely fit me. It could be a song that I could do apart from them. So we're meeting on a ground that is completely comfortable for both of us. My duet with Justin Timberlake, for example-there is more compromise for me there. The content is similar to what you can see from 50 Cent, but the actual rap, style and cadence is different. But when I go into the song with Wisin & Yandel I didn't even have to make those cadence changes.

Had you deliberately gone after the Latin market before?

I've had huge success in Latin markets without intentionally reaching for that audience. And I'd like to maybe remix different things with different artists, and creatively, I'd like to do more stuff with Wisin & Yandel. I think hip-hop in general has changed dramatically based on artists reaching for other people. If you look at the artists out there, I think they're a reflection of what was rock'n'roll. In general, they're doing a style that isn't hip-hop. They're doing things that aren't traditional at all.