Black Crowes Double Down With 'Frost' And 'Freeze'

A double dose of the Black Crowes is slated for this fall, when the band returns on September 1 with "Before The Frost...". Fans who purchase the record will then be granted a unique download code, with which they can obtain a second Crowes record, "...Until The Freeze."

Both new studio albums were recorded at Levon Helm's (The Band) studios in Woodstock, New York and produced by Paul Stacey, who previously worked with the Black Crowes on 2006's "The Lost Crowes" and 2008's "Warpaint." The band also performed and recorded the new material in front of a small, select group of fans within the studio.

The combined 20 tracks will also be available together on one vinyl version, also slated for a September 1 release date. All but one of the 19 songs are originals, with a cover of Stephen Stills' "So Many Times." In a statement on the unique recording set-up, as well as the release method, Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson said ""I think we fulfilled a musical commitment to continue on the golden road of artistic independence. Approaching 20 years into our careers, we still are ambitious enough to push ourselves to create something unique that we have never done before."

Over the last few years, the Black Crowes have seen a handful of changes in their touring and recording lineups, with the notable addition of North Mississippi All-Stars' guitarist Luther Dickinson.

The Black Crowes will resume touring duties on June 18 in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. So far, dates are booked through October 3, with bills being shared with Levon Helm and label mates Truth & Salvage Co.

Here is the track list for both new Black Crowes albums:

"Before The Frost...:"

"Good Morning Captain"
"Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)"
"A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound"
"I Ain't Hiding"
"Kept My Soul"
"What Is Home"
"Houston Don't Dream About Me"
"Make Glad"
"And The Band Played On"
"Last Place That Love Lives"

"...Until The Freeze:"

"Aimless Peacock"
"Shady Grove"
"Garden Gate"
"Shine Along"
"Roll Old Jeremiah"
"Lady Of Avenue A"
"So Many Times"
"Fork In The River"