1. The megapowers collide: Bruce Springsteen joins Phish on Sunday night for a three-song surprise set of "Mustang Sally" and Springsteen's own "Bobby Jean" and "Glory Days," the latter song's second What Stage performance in two nights. Springsteen lays down the groundwork; Trey Anastasio doodles circles and designs over the top. Unprecedented, and not to be forgotten.

Guest Star of the Fest: Jay Weinberg, 18-year-old son of E Street drummer Max, who stepped in for Dad midway through Springsteen's set and killed it. Jay drove "Radio Nowhere" at well over the speed limit, and brought a style that was looser and heavier to everything from "Lonesome Day" to "Born to Run." Kid taught himself drums four years ago, now he's in the E Street Band. Nice work, Dad.

Line of the Festival: ""Anybody ready for some motherf---in' Phish?" - Snoop Dogg, closing his Sunday night performance.

Least Likely Gospel Cameo Ever In The History of Time: After taking cracks at the theoretical Bonnaroo odor, her work with animals and hippies in general, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog joins Neko Case on - no, really - "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

Choice covers: Erykah Badu ("Rapper's Delight" and NWA's "Gangsta Gangsta"), Snoop Dogg ("Jump Around"), Neko Case (Harry Nilsson's "Don't Forget Me"), MGMT (Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry"), Gov't Mule (U2's "One," Radiohead's "Creep", Neil Young's "Southern Man").

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