Video Q&A: 311 Cranks The 'Uplifter'
Video Q&A: 311 Cranks The 'Uplifter'

Twelve years after its breakout album, "Transistor," invaded the mainstream and turned frontman Nick Hexum into a '90s star, 311 is proving it still rocks. The punk-ska-reggae band's new album "Uplifter" -- its first since 2005 -- debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in June, and the group just wrapped a successful summer "Unity" tour with Ziggy Marley and The Expendables. recently caught up with some of the band's members in New York, and they embraced their role in the current '90s band revival. "It's just cool to see bands last," said bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills. "Long
careers are where it's at."

As for what its like to be recording and touring again, "It feels like the first time," quipped the band's resident DJ, Doug "SA" Martinez. "And if Sade has taught us anything, [it's that] there's nothing better than the
first time."

Check out what else SA and P-Nut had to say about 311's comeback and why "Uplifter" rocks harder than anything the band has done before.