Song Debut: William Fitzsimmons Covers Kanye West
Song Debut: William Fitzsimmons Covers Kanye West

The themes of your music are very personal, and you produced your first two records entirely yourself at home, but "The Sparrow and the Crow" was done in a studio and more collaborative-has bringing other people into the process changed the way you approach writing or arranging, or the way you think about how people are going to interact with your music?

It did change some things. I was very opinionated about these songs, more so than with some stuff before, because of the subject matter, I felt like it had to be a certain way because I was trying to communicate things more so even than in previous work. And Marshall and I actually fought a lot, pretty much every day. You know producers can be very stubborn sons of bitches, and that's good, that means they're confident and they know what they're doing, and artists can as well. That was a new thing for me--obviously before if I didn't like the way something sounded I just didn't do it. So there was a lot of compromise that took place. And the cool thing, the reason I think I'm going to be more drawn to working with other people from now on, is the whole gestalt thing, that the whole is greater than the some of its parts. It wasn't always pleasant, but you know I think records that are pleasant to make, especially for this kind of material, I don't think they'd be as good as they should be.

Your most recent studio album came out last year and you're on the road right now, are you writing for a future album, or can you tell me anything about the direction your next release might take?

I don't like writing without a specific reason to write, I know that it's sort of become my job to do that, not to sound ungrateful but I have a bit of distaste for that because I've never had to do that before. But luckily, I'm a pretty well enough disturbed person that there's plenty of material, and everybody's family is crazy so I can keep digging into that well. No, I've recently come upon some ideas that I think will come upon as lovely muses for new things. One thing I do want to move away from, I don't want to make another divorce record, I've made two of those, and I think the world has had enough. Or maybe I don't know, maybe I'll just keep doing that and that will be my thing. No one gets sick of that, right? No, I have some ideas, it will be different, god help me if it's not. As for timing, I do have to set deadlines for myself--I'm home for a couple months after this tour, I'll probably try to do a lot of writing then and then hopefully try to record and put out a new full-length some time next year. "Heartless" will just be released as a single, unless I feel like dropping another nine hip-hop jams. No, that would not be awesome in any way.

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