Video Q&A: Reba McEntire "Keeps On"

For 25 of the more than 30 years that Reba McEntire has been in the music business, she recorded for MCA Nashville. Now the veteran Country hitmaker has a few new moves up her sleeves -- not only is she back with "Keep On Lovin' You," her first major solo studio album in six years, she's releasing it on Valory Music. Though endearingly self-depreciating in her wide-ranging video interview for -- she calls herself "not the brightest penny in the pocket" at one point, which clearly isn't the case -- the music on her new album is one thing she's not humble about at all. What can fans expect? "Great songs," she says. But she also elaborates that "Keep On Lovin' You" represents an "edgier, more hip Reba."

The new album and label are just the latest part of McEntire's multi-decade evolution. She recalls with amusement how producers used to pick the song on her albums when she got her start in the '70s, until someone said "Woman, go find the songs yourself if you're not happy."

A theater stint, a long-running TV show and countless chart hits later, Reba tells about overcoming being "the queen of the waltz," comparing notes with Barbara Mandrell on the weekly television grind, a Florida gig "freezing my tail off with a 40-mile-an-hour wind in [my] face," and taking regular multimedia lessons at the Apple store to stay a couple of steps ahead of her teenager.