Q&A With Matisyahu

It's clear that Matisyahu has reggae and dancehall soul inspirations (like Bob Marley and Sizzla, who he namechecks). But on his upcoming album, "Light," released on August 25th on Epic, the Hasidic star says he was moved by other genres.

"When I was a teenager in my early 20s, I listened to one or two specific artists that were the main influences on me. Then I kind of made a certain break in my life where I stop listening to music for a period of time when I became religious," Matisyahu tells Billboard. "After that time, I never got into one artist to that extent. It's been more about -- which is the result on this record -- a lot of different thing. We'll be on tour and someone will play a record on some kind of electronic thing or some kind of indie rock thing and it'll have an influence."

While first single, "One Day," is a "very basic, inspirational, feel good song about overcoming struggles," it actually inspired Matisyahu's recently launched campaign in conjuction with Kenneth Cole titled "One Day for Change." "One Day for Change" asks fans and musicians to tweet and youtube ideas for change daily for a chance to win an autographed copy of "Light."