P.O.D. Guitarist Enlists Alt-Rock Vets For Daylight Division

Photo of Marcos CURIEL and POD

Former members of Papa Roach, Chevelle and Rock Star Supernova have joined P.O.D. guitarist Marcos Curiel in a new band, Daylight Division, that's posted two tracks online and is in the midst of writing and recording its first album.

"It's definitely exciting," Curiel tells Billboard.com, adding with a laugh that "it's like a new relationship -- everything's all good in the beginning. But it really is awesome. Nobody is green in this band, y'know? We've all seen real highs and real lows. We're definitely bringing the things we've all learned in the past into this."

Daylight Division started out in January when music industry executive Rene Mata suggested that Curiel, who's in the midst of an open-ended P.O.D. hiatus, hook up with drummer Dave Buckner, who left Papa Roach last year. The two clicked and added ex-Chevelle bassist Joe Loeffler, and after a short search brought in Lukas Rossi -- the Canadian singer who won the "Rock Star: Supernova" reality TV show in 2006 and recorded one album with Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted and Tommy Lee -- in the spring.

"I don't watch much TV," Curiel says, "so I didn't really know about (Rossi). We talked on the phone and I sent him on a song at 1 p.m. and he got it back to me around 3 or 4 with tracks, vocals, harmonies and everything. I was just blown away."

Rossi, who'd relocated to Los Angeles and started an animal rescue program with his wife, says the idea of joining another group of credentialed rockers gave him some pause, but the material ultimately lured him into the fold.

"I think the first time we met we did maybe four songs in a day, two days," Rossi recalls. "These are great, great guys. We all get along. It turns out they've all been in some big bands, but I think we'd still be in a band together even if they didn't do that stuff and I didn't do my stuff."

Daylight Division recently posted two songs -- "Live Again" and "where I Want to Be," both produced by Jay Baumgardner -- on its MySpace page, and Curiel says the group, which at this point is unsigned and is just beginning to have discussions with possible labels, managers and booking agents, has another dozen it's working on.

"We wanted to introduce ourselves with those two songs," Curiel says, "but we're constantly writing. We're just writing the best songs we can with influences we all relate to, which would be U2 and a lot of alternative bands, but we're keeping our (harder rock) edge. We're not completely forgetting that."