Song Debut: David Gray "Draw The Line"

Gray decided to try something different with his new record. Listen for yourself.

After seventh album "Life in Slow Motion" rose into the top 20 of the Billboard 200 in 2005, David Gray decided to try something different with new record "Draw The Line."

"I knew I was gonna change things even as far back as making 'Life in Slow Motion,' " the British singer-songwriter recently told "I could feel the creative spark was sort of diminishing between the people who were involved, and it was maybe going to be time to move on and try to do something different. So that's basically what I set about doing in a whole manner of different ways, just reconnecting with music and building a new band and a new sound."

Listen for yourself. exclusively premieres the title track right here:

"Draw The Line" - David Gray

The album "Draw The Line" is due out Sept. 22 and includes guest vocals from Jolie Holland and Annie Lennox. Gray will also be touring the North America, beginning with an October 23 date in Boston and swinging west through the continent before finishing up on November 9 in Los Angeles.