Win A George Thorogood Guitar
Win A George Thorogood Guitar

George Thorogood recently swung by's studio to chat about his new record "The Dirty Dozen," which combines new material with some older Destroyers tunes, as well as to bring in and sign a guitar for a lucky visitor to win.

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In the video interview (watch below), Thorogood was quick to reminisce about the instances during the making of earlier Destroyer's records when he faced opposition for doing covers, even though it was something that most other bands of the time, including the Rolling Stones, were doing. "People kept saying "You don't get anywhere unless you do your original music, you don't get anywhere without originals,'" says Thorogood. "I said "Oh really? Watch me. I'll put together an album of all songs I didn't write and I'll play them all myself and I'll give you a very, very good record.'"

In our other clip, Thorogood comments on the recent passing of guitar legend Les Paul, saying he was honored that the legendary musician and inventor saved "some of his best insults" for him when the two met in New York City at one of Paul's weekly concert, even inviting Thorogood to accompany him on a song.

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