Future Rock Hall of Famers: When Will Today's Stars Be Eligible?
Tim McGraw performs Thursday evening at Point State Park in Pittsburgh as part of the the 2009 NFL Opening Kickoff prior to the game between the Steelers and the Titans. Getty Images

You've had some notable incidents with fans at shows, where you've pointed out someone misbehaving in the audience. Is that something you would have done earlier in your career?

I think I've always done that. I don't do it all the time, but I will if there's a woman involved or something. I'd feel kind of silly if someone in the audience is causing a stir and I ignore it, and then I walk over to the other side of the stage and everybody's still over there looking. I've got the microphone, so why don't I say something? If you're standing right there and a guy is being physical with a woman right in front of you, then you're gonna do somethin -- I don't care if you're on stage singing or walking down the midway of a fair. That's just who I am, there's nothing I can do about that.

You've accomplished so much in so many areas. What are your goals now? What motivates you?

Family. It really does. And legacy, maybe, for my daughters -- I want them to be proud of me. The older they get, the more they discover music and who they are as people, and they discover who we are as people even moreso, because they're starting to notice other things that go on around us. I think all of that motivates me to want to leave a legacy for them.

What do you think the next record will be like?

I've got some great songs already. I didn't write anything on the last album and I didn't even attempt much, because I was kind of busy doing movies and we're in the middle of building a house that we're almost done with. But I've been writing a lot over the last year and will continue to write. You always say the record you have out is the best record you've ever done, and it is, for me, but I think that we're getting into a place with this next album that will be a quantum leap for us.

What do you think you've done right, career-wise?

Songs. Music. I think that any bad decisions I've made, and I've made a lot of 'em, music has really sort of saved the day for me. Sometimes I wonder if it's a hindrance or a help, but I don't think I've been overexposed, really. You don't think you know everything about me. A lot of artists get out there and get too seen, too industrialized. I feel pretty good about having a little bit of mystique left.