Beyonce: The Billboard Q&A
Beyonce performs during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on September 13, 2009 in New York City. Getty Images

And you're just as busy on the entrepreneurial side, dating back to your association with L'Oreal.

I have worked with L'Oreal since I was 18 and it continues to be a great relationship. And with the clothing line that I started with my mother [Tina Knowles], I'm still making sure the brand is true to what I like and what I think my fans will like. Making it affordable for them was very important. At my concerts, we've offered seats for $10 so that people who can't afford it can attend.

I don't realize all that I do until I do interviews like this. And then I'm like, "Oh, my God, how is this possible?" But I usually break things up and focus on one thing at a time. It is a lot and thank God I love it, because I don't know how else I would be able to do it. You just make it happen.

Something else that's about to happen is your new Coty fragrance. Can you give us a sneak preview?

I've been partners with and have endorsed different fragrances. But this is my first time developing my own fragrance. I've spent over a year having meetings, working with the perfumeries. It's been really interesting. I'd done a little of that in the past, approving a couple of things here and there. But I've been a part of this from ground zero. We've gone back and forth and back and forth over and over again to get the perfect fragrance. Everything I love, that's what this fragrance is. Fragrance makes me feel sexy, so I want my fragrance to be sexy and seductive.

My favorite color is gold and that's also being incorporated into the project. I grew up playing with my mother's perfumes and love antique bottles, so I wanted my fragrance to have this antique feeling. The bottle looks like a piece of art. I can't reveal the name yet, but it comes out early next year. I've already shot the commercial.

Have you lined up your next acting gig yet?

I did two movies last year, which was hard because I had the album and a tour. I'm on tour right now until March and I'll be going back and forth for some of the award shows. So probably next year after the tour something may happen. I've gotten a lot of scripts and out of those there are 10 that are very good. So I have to pick the one I really love.

All of the work I've put into my films has paid off because the type of scripts I'm getting now has completely changed. I've always wanted to do something darker and more dramatic because I'm much better at drama than anything else. I don't think anyone knew that until I played Etta James; people could see my range. And then I did the other movie, "Obsessed." It was so much fun, especially the fight scenes. I fell in love with doing those stunts. That was my first time ever doing anything with action in it. Eventually, I would love to do something with a little more action in it.

I'm not in a rush because acting for me is fun -- something I do because I enjoy it. I don't have to do it. So I'm going to be patient and find the right film to work on next year or whenever it works out.