Chris Brown Unhappy With Oprah, Has 'No Issues' With Jay-Z

Chris Brown granted his first radio interview since the February altercation with his then-girlfriend Rihanna on Wednesday (Oct. 21) to New York radio station Hot 97 (WQHT). During the talk with host Angie Martinez, Brown -- who spent the majority of the air-time stressing his deep regrets for his actions -- said he is "tight" with Oprah Winfrey for her lack of support.

"I don't dis her because I respect what she does for women around the world. But we did so many things together as far as me working for her schools in Africa, that I feel at the time I needed a helping hand, not for my career but as a person, instead of her pointing fingers," said Brown. "At the end of the day, you have opinions and thoughts, and that isn't wrong, but it's not right to judge someone when people make mistakes all the time. I learned from mine, I'm still learning and I regret every moment, every second."

Additionally, Brown said about Jay-Z, who was rumored to be the reason why Brown wasn't asked to perform during this year's BET Awards, "I have no issues with dude. Honestly, I don't know and I don't think it was him."

Brown went on to praise the support of others in the industry who stood by him, such as Will Smith and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. "As a young man I needed older black role models to mold me. I didn't need people bashing me or shutting the door on me," he said.

Brown's father left the family when he was seven years old -- his parents had joint custody over him -- but he added that while his father was disappointed, he was very supportive of him through the hardships as well.

Brown mentioned his counseling and domestic violence classes, stating how they've helped him move on and further realize his errors. "The hurt I put people through with my family and Rihanna -- I don't want to inflict that anymore," he said, assuring listeners that he will never lash out violently again. He also advises young lovers to seek counseling before they spiral out of control.

His regret and melancholy about the assault on "shorty," as he called Rihanna several times throughout the interview, was continuously emphasized. Brown even admitted to still harboring feelings for the 21 year-old, saying if things were "handled differently" they could have possibly continued their relationship.

When asked about media reports alleging that there was violence between the two before and that maybe Rihanna had been physical with Brown first, prior to the altercation, Brown said, "no one knows what went on in that car, but out of respect of me and my privacy and her, I don't talk about it. Whether its reports or media or stuff that's been altered or falsified, I'm not justifying what went down. I still realize what I did is not ok in any way, shape or form."

The interview ventured slightly into Brown's career and what his future plans may be, including his "Fan Appreciation" tour launching on November 14 with a performance in Houston, Texas. Moreover he chatted about his studio work and upcoming album, "Graffiti," saying that it's "not a 'Confessions' album, but my life in a nutshell."

Since the incident, media criticism has bogged Brown down but his only response to that is "at the end of the day, people don't realize I'm human. I go home, hurt, cry, feel pain, embarrassment, ashamed."

The interview served as closure for the chart-topping youngster, who says, as he continues to work on making himself a better person, his immediate plans are to move on with his life. "I smile, but people can't expect me to walk around everyday of my life frowning," he said. "Life is too short, I love my life and I love my fans and I love me. I'm sorry for what I've done, but the only person that can judge me is God."