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Listen: 50 Cent and Beanie Siegel "I Go Off" Exclusive Preview

Listen: 50 Cent and Beanie Siegel "I Go Off" Exclusive Preview

A few weeks ago, former Roc-A-Fella member Beanie Sigel released a diss song titled "What You Talkin Bout (I'm Not Your Average Cat)," aimed at then labelhead and friend Jay-Z. Now, the Philadelphia-raised rapper gives readers an exclusive snippet of his upcoming track, "I Go Off," featuring his rumored soon-to-be boss, 50 Cent.

"I'll give you something to talk about / come around me fronting, I'll air you out / I go off," 50 harmonizes at the beginning of the song atop a drum-heavy, winded production. "I don't shoot sh*t off, dog, I gun it down / walk up on n*ggas and run them down / pull a stock out the K, throw a hundred rounds," Beanie rhymes with conviction.

The eight bars conclude with the Broad Street Bully menacing, "Won't stop 'til your box lowered to the ground / put you in a urn, your bones are burn / The rap gorilla, the wack rap ringtone killa, I'm here / to find a n*gga equally realer is rare / you could meet me in the square if you dare to come near / I have no morals."

The song -- which will be released in its entirety on Friday (Nov. 13) on 50 Cent's blog site, -- is the first track from Beanie's as-yet-untitled upcoming album. Although G-Unit reps were mum about whether Beanie would be signing to or releasing the project on G-Unit, they did hint at an announcement in relation to the deal being made in coming days.

On Oct. 30, Beanie Sigel's "What You Talkin Bout (I'm Not Your Average Cat)" leaked to the internet. The track finds him revealing scathing lyrics about his split from Roc-A-Fella Records.

"I'm A Grown Ass Man, I don't sit on n*ggas laps / I ain't looking for no gifts out of Santa Claus' sack," Beans rhymes on the track, in response to Jay's line on "What We Talkin' About" off his latest "Blueprint 3" album.

He goes on to rap about Jay-Z calling "the police on me, 'cause I was front row at the 'Blueprint 3'," and not visiting him while he served his "year and a day when you ain't come to see me," among other accusations. "How it feel to get exposed? Don't you feel naked? / I was a fly on the wall, sh*t I witnessed / I can say sh*t that make B look at you different," he continues, referencing Jay-Z's famous wife Beyonce.

The same day he released the track, Beanie Sigel went on Philadelphia radio station 100.3 and spoke about his disappointments about Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella, giving kudos to 50 Cent for handling his label in what he deemed a fairer manner. A few days later, Beanie made a guest appearance on Philadelphia's Power 99 along with 50 Cent, further fueling the speculation that he would actually be signing to the label this time around. During the interview, 50 Cent stated that he offered Beanie $800,000 to join G-Unit upon his release from prison, but that Jay blocked the deal from materializing.