Weezer Tour Cancelled After Bus Crash

Weezer has cancelled its remaing 2009 tour dates following the upstate New York bus crash that left frontman River Cuomo hospitalized with broken ribs and other injuries. Karl Koch, the band's webmaster and longtime collaborator, posted details of the crash and made the announcement in a posting on the band's Website on Sunday (Dec. 6).

The bus crash, which occurred on an icy stretch of I-90 about 40 miles north of Albany, N.Y., was more serious that original reports suggested. Cuomo, his wife and baby daughter, their nanny, and Rivers' assistant Sarah Kim were all aboard the bus when it went over a guardrail and landed, upright, 8-10 feet down in a ravine.

Cuomo, who was asleep in his bunk at the time of the crash, sustained three broken ribs and other unspecified internal injuries. He remains under observation in an area hospital. Kim also sustained two fractured ribs and a fractured lower vertebrae but has been released from the hospital. Cuomo's wife, baby and nanny were shaken but unharmed.