The Faces Gearing Up For Reunion?

Could the Faces be rising again after a 30-plus year split?

According to, original members Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones, along with Stewart touring bassist replacing the late Ronnie Laine, will have a rehearsal next Monday (Nov. 17) "just to check if they can remember the songs."

If the musicians are pleased with the results, the Faces may return to live duty next year, although a source in the Stewart camp tells Billboard, "nothing is definitive yet."

There have been a handful of near-Faces reunions since the band split in 1975, including at a 1986 Stewart concert at London's Wembley Stadium. The surviving members have performed together in various incomplete incarnations in recent years, including Wood and McLagan with Stewart at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in 2004.

"It'd be great to put the band together for charity [or] a one-off event," Stewart told Billboard in 2006. "Ronnie is always up for it. So's Ian and Kenney. We'd just need to find ourselves a bass player."