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OneRepublic Writing For New Album

To celebrate the platinum success of its 2007 debut "Dreaming Out Loud," OneRepublic was originally planning to reissue the album with bonus content in time for the holidays.

But guitarist Zach Filkins tells Billboard.com the Colorado band is shifting gears and instead focusing on its sophomore effort.

"Initially we were going to add a new song to a deluxe album, but then instead of doing that we decided to maybe just work on the second album," Filkins says. "We're extremely excited to get going with something new because we've been playing a lot of these songs for five years now. So we're definitely ready and inspired for the new album, which is part of the reason why we got off the road. We were supposed to tour into next year."

While on tour earlier this year, the band "kind of got inspired by a couple of songs" and wound up tracking new tunes in Germany and Japan. "In listening to what was coming out, we decided maybe we should stop and take advantage of this and write the second album," Filkins says. "The new stuff is a real blend of rock mixed with pop and some of the songs are clearly like top 40 and other stuff is going to be a little more obscure."

While new track "All the Right Moves," which is upbeat and pop based, has been getting stage time, Filkins says another new song is the tentatively titled dance/keyboard-heavy "The Other Side."
Current plans call for OneRepublic to finish touring in early January, with the band convening a month later in a Denver-area house or perhaps an old church to record its second Mosley/Interscope album. The band is hoping to have the record out by summer or fall 2009.

Filkins says there’s one thing fans shouldn't expect to hear on the new CD: "No goth," he laughs. "Maybe the fourth album will get a little bit more dark."