DJ Timbo

In Billboard's Aug. 30 issue, DJ Timbo's "Go Go Girl" peaked at No. 10 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart and remained on the tally throughout September. He's been picked up as a resident DJ for Hollywood club promoter Red Carpet Events, and he christened Hush at its Oct. 2 opening. Timbo (aka Tim Scarne) has also begun filming a reality TV show pilot with director/executive producer Breck Eisner, repped by Creative Artists Agency.

But it took a lot of work to get to this point. Scarne has been running his own DJ and entertainment service, Enterprise Entertainment, since he was 19 and has spun at private parties consistently since the mid-'90s. Last year, the house DJ soft-released his first original single, "Go Go Girl" (which consisted of 13 remixed versions of that track plus the catchy "The Olsen Twins Song"), and set off on a self-titled tour.

He's since busted out of his Los Angles origins, selling out clubs like Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Las Vegas, Lush in St. Louis, Bamboo Bar in Philadelphia and Harrah's Pool Party in Atlantic City, N.J. (all 2,500 people).

"Most people have probably never seen a DJ in a club like me. It's more like a rock show," says Scarne, who sometimes brings his own dancers to the gigs. "I'll jump on the crowd or some guy's shoulders and bring my video camera with me. I wear costumes. I get to be the biggest clown so people don't have to feel like they're it." And most any YouTube video of DJ Timbo will attest to it.

He's sold more than 5,000 copies of "Go Go Girl" as a result—not direct to consumers but to club promoters and sponsors like Guitar Center and Scion. "They use the CDs as invitations to parties, so even if fans aren't paying upfront, the promoters are able to get something out of buying the CDs from me," he says.

Then there was the movie. Combining forces with brother (and actor) Thomas Ian Nicholson, Timbo co-wrote and starred in the 2004 semi-autobiographic film "LA DJ," which acted as promotional tool for his music and business. The pair raised capital through private equity and premiered it at Colorado's Vail Film Festival. It is available through outlets like, Blockbuster and Netflix.

The plan next is to "release old-school 45s and pop out singles" through the end of the year, all of which may be gathered up for a full-length release some time next year.