Kanye West 'Black Skinhead' CGI Video Lands Online

Watch the dark, leaked lead video from West's "Yeezus" album.

The first video from Kanye West's "Yeezus" has arrived.

A CGI video for West's "Black Skinhead" emerged online on Monday, though the video appears to be an accidental leak, landing via a since-removedĀ Universal Music staging site. It hasn't appeared on West's Vevo page nor has the hip-hop star tweeted about it.

Billboard previously reported that the "Yeezus" track would be the album's first single, with the video in the works for a potential 4th of July weekend release.

The video includes some of the imagery West presented during his "Saturday Night Live" debut of the song: howling wolves and spiked hoods, revealed as black KKK-style garments. Apart from its horror-film imagery, the video's largely a shirtless CGI West, roaming a black void. It turns not-safe-for-work at times, as the rapper loses his pants and his member digitally jiggles toward the camera.

Real-life West hasn't given up on clothes: his latest fashion collaboration, with French brand A.P.C., launches July 14. The MC is advertising the collection on his website with an image of a pair of distressed jeans with an A.P.C. Kanye label.