David Lee Roth Plays An Assassin in Japanese Short Film: Watch

He’s fronted one of the world's biggest rock bands. He’s been a breakfast radio presenter, a daredevil rock climber and in 1985, he was “just a gigolo.” However, David Lee Roth’s cameo as a hitman in a Japanese short film just might be his strangest gig yet.

The clip follows the rocker as he interrupts a card game involving some tough local characters.

Initially clad in black with requisite dark glasses and leather gloves, the singer returns shirtless, takes a swig of one of the players’ juice cartons and delivers a vengeful line -- a moment which recalls Samuel L. Jackson’s “Big Kahuna Burger” scene in “Pulp Fiction.”

All dialog in the 5 minute clip is in Japanese, including Roth’s single line: “In the name of the moon, I shall right all wrongs and defeat all evil.”

The video is posted at Roth’s YouTube channel as a “trailer,” but it has the feel of a complete short film.

Roth has been living for Japan for some time now. With this clip, his fans finally have an idea of what’s been keeping him busy.

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