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Justin Bieber Told to Pick Up His Monkey

Justin Bieber/Instagram
March 30: Justin Bieber hangs out with his monkey or as he puts it "Kickin it with og"

Justin Bieber has a month to pick up his monkey. The pop star had his 14-week-old capuchin monkey, named Mally, taken away at the Munich airport last week after German officials said he lacked proper documentation.

It seems Bieber did not have the health and species protection certificates needed to enter Germany. Additionally, the shelter where Mally is being kept told Reuters that the monkey was "disoriented" and too young to be away from its mother.

"If he doesn't (present the papers), Mally will be taken to a good animal shelter that has experience rearing groups of young capuchin monkeys and can ensure disoriented Mally becomes a healthy little capuchin," the shelter said.

It Bieber, who performed in Hamburg last night, does not pick Mally up in the next four weeks the animal will either be kept at the current shelter moved elsewhere. The singer will likely face a fine.