'Glee' Recap: Feuds, Heartbreak & Backstabbing
Adam Rose/FOX

Speaking of Santana, over in New York she's still suspicious of Brody the possible drug dealer.  It's revealed that her suspicions aren't unfounded, just off the mark. Brody is a high-end male prostitute for older ladies, peddling himself at some mythical New York hotel full of gigolos. He and the other prostitutes tango through the hotel performing Marina and the Diamonds "How To Be A Heartbreaker" as a newly un-pregnant (a false positive false alarm confirmed by a doctor) Rachel duets from the loft, encouraged by Santana to take stock of her life and her choices.  

Brody claims the extra cash is from a cater waiter job, and although Rachel believes him Santana is unconvinced and continues to snoop, showing up to Brody at NYADA and threatening to fully uncover his sketchiness if he doesn't disappear.  To prove her prowess she leads the conveniently available dancers on the conveniently available scaffolding in a sensual performance of Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted."  Unfortunately for her, her tried and true methods of threatening gyration doesn't deter Brody, who tells Rachel and Kurt what Santana did a turns them against her. They tell newly-employed Santana to move out, despite her confession that she may not like the two of them 90 percent of the time, but she loves them and they are her family she'd do anything to protect. She storms off from the loft, obviously upset.

Of course, our Santana is undeterred; she just needs to pull out the big guns. She illicitly books Brody, who immediately begs her not to tell Rachel what's going on.  She's got much larger plans, of course, leaving him in a hotel room with Finn, flown in simply for the purpose of running Brody off. He tells Brody to shut his mouth and disappear from Rachel's life forever. Brody tries to grab Finn to stop him from telling Rachel and their confrontation escalates quickly into a full fistfight and trashed hotel room. Finn screams, "stay away from my future wife" as it scene transitions into the glee club singing Tegan & Sara's "Closer," which is a very weird tonal shift, the second week in a row this has happened. Maybe someone needs to remind Glee we don't actually need the song to be the final number if it's going to miss the mark, even when the performance and song are great. What we do end on is Ryder asking his mystery girl to meet him in real life, and her signing offline without responding.

This signals the shift we should expect coming forward, from loyalty to trust. Ryder is trusting someone he doesn't really know yet, and good plotting tells us it's either someone within the school manipulating him, or even more great outside evil that will put him and possible the club in danger. In the bounds of their loyalties, Unique needs to trust the rest of them to support her, and when guilty pleasures are revealed next week, characters like Kurt and Blaine need to trust that their confidants won't abuse that power of confession, while Finn needs to trust himself and move forward without the McKinely safety net.

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