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Paramore's New Album Sounds Like the 'Last 3 Years of Our Lives': Exclusive Video

Billboard caught up with Paramore backstage at their Warner Sound gig at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Top of the menu is the band’s awaited new album, “Paramore,” the lead single “Now,” and the explosive video that accompanies it.

Paramore Treat SXSW to Next Single at Punk-Influenced Warner Sound

In an exclusive clip, Hayley Williams tells Billboard that their self-titled fourth album taps the essence of a tough time with growing pains and the huge learning curve that accompanied the departure of Zac and Josh Farro.

“Obviously our band has been through a lot and it was kind of the perfect time to write this record,” Williams says.

“As people who are growing up, and I feel like we grew up quite a bit since from the time we put out brand neeyes to this record, this is really the story of the last three years of our lives. I’m just so proud of it.”

In the clip, Williams also reveals that the album, due in April, will carry 17 tracks and an extra two “b-sides” will appear on the “box-set.”

Williams also opens-up on the making of the “Now” video and how’s its director, Daniel Cloud Campos, pulled inspiration from an artwork by secretive Brit Banksy. “The song feels like it has a bit of violence to it, but its not about that at all. It’s about embracing something more than that and looking forward to something you that maybe can’t see yet, believing before you see,” she explains. “When people watch the video, I think it comes across, hopefully, clearly that love always wins in the end. And it’s better to stop the cycle of bitterness and anger and try something different.”

In recent weeks, Paramore have been testing their new material on Australian audiences whilst playing the heavy metal and hard-rock oriented festival tour Soundwave.