Cassie Taylor, 'That's My Man': Video Premiere From Otis' Bluesy Daughter

Otis Taylor’s little girl, Cassie, is all grown up. And if the first taste of her new album is anything to go by, she clearly takes after her bluesman Pop.

The sassy blues-rock song “That’s My Man” is the first track lifted from “Out of My Mind,” an album of 12 songs Taylor wrote between 2011 and 2012. Watch It First:

“My goal was to sonically pull from all of my modern day musical influences and build on the foundation of the great American music:  the Blues,” she says.

Cassie has music in her veins. And she can boast a decade honing her skills on stage. She even played bass and lends vocals on her father’s 2007 album, “Definition of a Circle.” Now 26, Cassie has carved her own, distinctive path which has included modelling work.  

The clip for “That’s My Man” was shot in Memphis earlier in 2013, though its concept was years in the making.

There’s a strong theme that runs through the video -- cars, bars, boys and babes. But it’s not all as straight-forward as all that. “When I lived in Memphis in 2010 and started my modeling career, a lot of my friends in the industry were GLBTQ.  I made the video as a playful tribute to their courage and sexiness. “This world is harsh enough and I have so much respect for those who follow their heart and express themselves no matter how taboo it may be” Cassie tells

In the video there are four different "males," she explains. “There are the muscle cars, which represent the personification of the traditional male, a man, a transgendered (female to male), and a drag queen.  All of them represent different forms of male, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual.”

"Out Of My Mind” is the follow-up to 2011’s “Blue.” The new album, which draws influence from Muddy Waters to Nine Inch Nails, arrives May 7 on Yellow Dog Records.