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IFE Reps for Detroit in 'Tell Yo Papa': Video Premiere

"Tell Yo Papa" -- and everyone else. The hard-rocking new video from Detroit singer IFÉ is meant to send a message, she tells Billboard.

"It's my funk, rock, psychedelic, female empowerment, get-yo-ass-up-and-rock-out track," IFÉ says. "It's about a woman not waiting around for her man to tie her down so she decides to tie him down and 'get her man.'"
The black-and-white video, which focuses on the singer taking charge of the microphone, was also her concept -- all the way down to the oil stains covering her body to represent the influence of her hometown, Detroit. The city appears in projections and other imagery in the video as camera effects bubble through.
"I incorporated projections of images from beautiful abandoned music halls in Detroit and spinning automobile tires as an homage to Motor City of the past," director Amy Leonard says. "Most importantly, we wanted to show that women can rock just as hard as the men!"
IFÉ will keep spreading the word with her sophomore album, "Fire Inside of Me," due Feb. 5. It's the sequel to 2010's "In Love Story," her solo debut after a career in Detroit and Atlanta bands.