Ask Billboard

Keith discusses digital sales, Pink and "Lipgloss."

She Works Hard For The Digital Sales

Dear Keith,

I have a question about digital sales that, to my knowledge, has never been asked. Does a digital sale of an older song go towards the tally of overall sales towards that single? For instance, after Jordin Sparks performed Donna Summer's "She Works Hard For The Money" on "American Idol," I'm assuming there was some interest in the original version.

Tony Lee
Vallejo, Calif.

Hi Tony,

Hope everything is well in Vallejo. I'm actually from Fairfield, which is just down the road from you there in northern California.

I'm not sure I fully understand your question. If there is a digital sale of Summer's song, then we count it towards its overall digital total. We won't merge it with the sales of the physical vinyl single that first came out in the early '80s, if that's what you are asking. The physical and digital sales remain separate, generally speaking.

Sparks performed "She Works Hard For The Money" on May 16. For the week ending May 20, Summer's "She Works Hard For The Money" had a 76% increase in digital download sales, selling a bit under 1,000 for the week. All told, "She Works Hard For The Money" has sold 58,000 digital downloads.

Pink's Not Dead

Hi Keith,

With Pink's third single from "I'm Not Dead" - "U & Ur Hand" - (doing so well) on the charts recently, and the hugely underrated and awesome album beginning to sell again (it's about time!), any chance that her label may release a fourth single in the U.S.?

"I'm Not Dead" has been huge in the rest of the world, but only recently has it picked up again on The Billboard 200. I'm hoping that her label is smart enough to release "Cuz I Can" as the fourth U.S. single. The track is one of the best I've heard on any album in a long time.

Alex Rehman
Los Angeles

Hi Alex,

Actually, "I'm Not Dead's" fourth single is its second single. Got that? Jive is re-releasing "Who Knew" to radio as the follow-up to "U + Ur Hand."

When "Who Knew" first came out a year ago, it barely made a dent on any Billboard chart. Now, it's bubbling under the CHR/Top 40 and the Hot AC/Adult Top 40 charts.

His Lipgloss Is Poppin' Too

Hello Keith,

To ask this question I, as a man nearing 30, must make a slightly embarrassing confession: I really like the song "Lip Gloss" by Lil' Mama. To me, it fills a void for feel-good party rap that has been vacant since Young MC busted his last move. (Or at least since Heavy D found love and didn't know what to do with it.)

I see that I can buy the video for "Lip Gloss," but I can't find any info on when I'll be able to buy the single. Do you have any information on when this song is going to be available online? I'm already anticipating the day when I can start pretending like I'm listening to something more age-appropriate on the subway, while I'm actually just bobbing my head to the story of some lip gloss that's poppin'.

Mark Blankenship
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Hi Mark,

You've probably already downloaded the song by now, but "Lip Gloss" is now available to purchase as a digital download. Clearly, there was so much pent-up demand for the song, its digital sales last week propelled it to a No. 12 re-entry on The Billboard Hot 100 (on the chart dated June 23, 2007).

For the week ending June 10, "Lip Gloss" sold 74,000 digital downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The big sales week pushed it to a No. 9 debut on Hot Digital Songs this past week.