The Academy Is...

I am listening to "Heartbreaker" a Ryan Adams album. Its so good, I am Australian (for anyone who doesn't know) but this song called "Oh My Sweet Carolina" talks about a lot of places we just did show

Today we are in Tacoma which is pretty close to Seattle, for anyone who was unsure! Today is a big day for us because we released our new video "Neighbors" on This video pretty much sums up our tour this summer, it looks like it may be one of those videos that in about five years it may feel like looking through an old photo album!

It's 3:30am now, I'm lying in my bunk as we are driving to Vancouver. I was planning on watching a movie but there is no headphone jack input on the DVD players and the butcher is sleeping directly above me. I don't want to wake him up, or anybody for that matter, I hate riding the volume! Turning it up for dialogue and down for music of action!

Right now I'm listening to my i-pod. The battery is on red so I hope I finish this and fall asleep before it runs out completely!! I am listening to "Heartbreaker" a Ryan Adams album. Its so good, I am Australian (for anyone who doesn't know) but this song called "Oh My Sweet Carolina" talks about a lot of places we just did shows. Though in the song he says "I've never been to Vegas" we were there a few days ago, but that's another story! I probably have more Ryan Adams albums than any other artist on my iPod, I think he is one of the best songwriters alive at the moment!

Back to Vegas! Ok, so we arrived in Vegas at about 8 a.m., parked our bus outside the Palms, woke up at 8:45 a.m... At 9 a.m. we jumped in a van, drove to the Vegas "strip" where we went up to a room to get fitted for a photo shoot. The clothes were pretty cool! We were all pretty impressed! Some of the items had the price tags on them and I couldn't help but think, gee that's crazy!!!

Anyways, after we got all dressed up really nice, shirts, ties, jackets and all, we walked down to the pool to where the photo shoot was. The photographer says, "ok lads" (he was English) hop on in!..." "Even these boots?" I said, with good reason, the boots where the coolest leather army boots I ever saw!! "Yup get in there mate" he said! It was pretty hot to be honest so it was quite refreshing!! The photo shoot was fantastic! We had a ball!

The show on Vegas was pretty cool, it was a small venue of about 2,000 and unfortunately +44 couldn't make the show due to personal reasons. We played 2 extra songs to fill in some time. Panic! at the Disco showed up and played a few songs since they are native las vegans. I actually missed their set because I got lost trying to get back from our hotel room to the venue! Its all the one massive building but there are all these escape doors and fire exits and vip areas, I walked past the same "vip lounge" about 3times! I felt very spinal tap! I'm not a gambling man, I love playing poker for the fun of it but not for big money! But a few of our guys did really well at the casino!! Even our bus driver came away with more than he arrived with!!

We played at the Forum in L.A. which is the L.A. Lakers venue. Adam T. Siska (the tai sport enthusiast) informed me that it is where that famous photo of Michael Jordan hugging and crying over that big gold ball(which was in the dressing room across the hallway, pretty cool). Playing in L.A. for me is quite stressful because I moved there 3yrs ago, so when I go back, I have so many people to catch up with, it is a little overwhelming, its kind of like having a party with your school friends, work friends and all your family in 1 room! Butch Walker came to the show, he produced 'Santi' our latest album so it was great catching up with him. I also lived with him for a few months shy of a year!! He is always good fun!

I was hoping we were going to hit the border while I was awake but it looks like we are still far away, it can sometimes get ugly when us aussies try to cross the Canadian border. They usually just make us wait for an hour in the little waiting bay, then they tell us that everything is good.

We are on the very last leg of the tour now, not long til its over which is both exciting and sad, everyone is having so much fun but nothing sounds nicer than sleeping in my own bed! Even if its just for a few days. As a band, we are playing better and William's voice is stronger than ever. We have been throwing around a bunch of ideas for the headline tour we will be starting in September. Man, I'm so damn excited! Its going to be crazy!!

Obviously I am exctied about playing shows in my home town Sydney. In fact just going back to Australia is exciting!! One of my favorite places is Japan. I love it so much, I spent 4 weeks there and loved every second of it, so I can't wait to get back there!

Well I'm tired, my iPod must be close to dying of lack of battery. I'm going to try and get some good sleep before we hit the good ol. Canadian border! Yay!