Fred and his readers discuss "Dance Tonight," Tim and Faith, Big & Rich and more!


Hi, Fred:

Just wondering how Paul McCartney's "Dance Tonight" qualified to chart on the Hot 100. I thought that "Ever Present Past" was the current U.S. single (although no physical single or promos were issued to radio) and the only new song registering any notable airplay. Could there really be enough digital downloads of "Dance Tonight" (an album track) to propel it inside the top 70 (ahead of "Ever Present Past") on the Hot 100? Glad to see Paul back on the Hot 100, but what gives?

Mark Wallgren
Los Angeles

Dear Mark,

"Dance Tonight" had its last dance last week, as the song only spent two weeks on the Hot 100. The track debuted at No. 69 on the chart dated July 7 and fell to No. 72 in its second chart week.

The Hot 100 is a song chart now, as opposed to a singles chart. If someone purchased "Dance Tonight" online without buying the entire "Memory Almost Full" album, it would count toward the Hot 100.

"Dance Tonight" did sell enough digital downloads to debut on Hot Digital Songs at No. 46 (also on the chart dated July 7). Since the song was heard on TV commercials for Apple's iPod, I’m sure that boosted sales. And in the song's second week on the chart, it might have benefited from Paul's appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live."


Congratulations goes out to Big & Rich, who after nearly three-and-a-half years of chart success finally earn their initial No. 1 hit on Billboard's Hot Country Songs list with "Lost In This Moment." This also makes John Rich one of the very few country musicians to top the chart as a duo and as a group. Rich was with Lonestar when the group hit the top spot with "No News" in April 1996 and "Come Cryin' To Me" in August 1997. "Lost" is also the second consecutive No. 1 hit by a duo to top the country list, as they succeed "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry.

This would be the first time in quite a while that two duos have accomplished this back-to-back. It also may have prevented George Strait's "Wrapped" from becoming his 43rd No. 1 hit and moving him to third place among acts with the most combined weeks on top of the Hot Country Singles list.

John Maverick
Burt County, Nebraska

Dear John,

Chck out this week's Chart Beat column for details of the first No. 1 for Big & Rich, and the status of duos when it comes to country chart-toppers.

You're right about George Strait being stuck at No. 2 with "Wrapped." We'll have to wait and see if he can manage to reach No. 1 with this song and collect his 43rd chart-topper after all.


Huge Reba McEntire fan that I am, I was disappointed when her 28-year streak of top 40 country hits came to an end in 2006, when her only new single, "Love Needs a Holiday," stalled at No. 60. Reba is, of course, back on the charts with "Because of You" shaping up to be a very big hit.

I think it's worth noting that she still holds an active country chart longevity record. Reba's first single, "I Don't Want to Be a One-Night Stand," charted in the lower regions of the country chart in 1976. And she hasn't missed a year since in the top 100 (or top 75, as the country chart is now).

That gives her an incredible 32-year run of consecutive years on the country singles chart. Also, if "Because of You" hits the top 10, as it seems likely to do, Reba will again tie Dolly Parton's record for the most top 10s by a country female artist. If it goes all the way to No. 1, it will put her just one shy of Dolly's record in that category as well. Isn't it great to see a wonderful artist like Reba continuing to defy the ageism that affects women (in particular) in the music business? At 52, she's never looked or sounded better!

Stephanie Van Landingham

Dear Stephanie,

There are certain artists in our industry who are simply beloved, and Reba McEntire is one of them. I had the pleasure of working with her when I wrote the 40th anniversary of the Academy of Country Music Awards special for CBS, and that experience confirmed for me what a truly wonderful woman she is.

We'll have to wait at least one more week to see if Reba collects another top 10 hit. Her duet with Kelly Clarkson on "Because of You" rises 15-12 this week.


Bizarre chart coincidence this week: On the Hot 100, No. 28 is by R. Kelly, No. 30 by Kelly Rowland and No. 31 by Kelly Clarkson.

And in the close-but-no-cigar category, the song at No. 29 includes Nelly Furtado and No. 32 is by Kenny Chesney.

Why so many Kellys? It's in our "Gene"s.

Patrick Kelly
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Dear Patrick,

While writing this week's Chart Beat I noticed the confluence of Kellys on the Hot 100 and wondered if I should include an item about that in my column. Then I thought, no, someone will probably send me an e-mail about it and I can run that in Chart Beat Chat. I just didn't know the e-mail would be from another Kelly.



I'm sure you've already received e-mails about this, but I thought I'd send a note just in case. You reported in Chart Beat that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have netted their fourth top 10 hit on the Hop Country Songs chart. However, you forgot to mention that Tim and Faith also scored a No. 5 hit with "Like We Never Loved at All" (my personal favorite of their collaborations). That raises their number of top 10 hits to five. I always look forward to reading your weekly Chart Beat!


Brian Loendorf Lawrence

You listed Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as having four top 10 hits including "I Need You," with the others being "It's Your Love," "Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me" and "Let's Make Love." What about "Like We Never Loved at All"?


Scott Lively
Roanoke, Virginia

Hello Fred,

Didn't Faith Hill and Tim McGraw team up in 2006 on the Grammy Award-winning No. 5 country song, "Like We Never Loved at All"? If so, then the duo would have five top 10 country hits together rather than the four you mentioned in your most recent column.


Rick Weihs
S. Berwick, Maine

Dear Brian, Scott and Rick,

I'm always impressed that Chart Beat readers keep such a sharp eye on the charts that they can bring items like this to my attention.
This time, however, my count of Tim McGraw/Faith Hill duets was correct. There are just the four, the ones mentioned in the current Chart Beat column.

"Like We Never Loved at All," from Hill's great "Fireflies" CD, was credited solely to Faith, not Faith and Tim. McGraw does receive credit on the album for providing "backing vocals" on this track, but neither the artists nor the label considered this a duet. Billboard uses the official credits to determine how a song will be listed on the charts, so this one was credited solely to Hill.

Similarly, Tim's 2001 hit "Angry All the Time" was a solo effort, even though Hill was credited on the album for her backing vocals.