Marilyn Manson Countersues Ex-Bandmate

Marilyn Manson has struck back against former bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy by countersuing for breach of contract.

Marilyn Manson has struck back against a former bandmate by countersuing for breach of contract.

The rocker claimed in court papers filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court that keyboardist Stephen Bier did not carry out obligations to take part in master recordings, concerts and the selling of band merchandise.

Bier, known by his stage name, Madonna Wayne Gacy, filed his own breach of contract lawsuit against Manson in August seeking more than $20 million.

Bier claimed Manson stiffed him on salary and medical support while using band profits to live a lavish lifestyle. He claimed Manson used the funds to buy a mansion, pay for drug treatment, produce a movie, buy Nazi memorabilia and hold a fancy wedding.

Manson's complaint claimed the pair's business partnership was dissolved in 1996 after the singer became the clear leader of the band.

Although Bier has been paid income for CD royalties, live performances and band merchandising, he has "failed to render services to the best of his ability and in a practical and cooperative manner," according to Manson's suit.

His suit accuses Bier of showing up late for band recordings, performances and promotional appearances, and giving confidential band information to the media and other people without Manson's consent.

Manson is seeking unspecified general and special damages. He also is seeking a court order preventing Bier from releasing more confidential band information.

Messages left for Bier's attorney and Manson's attorney were not immediately returned.

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