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Sons & Daughters

The party is pretty terrible, there's about a thousand folk in a two-room suite and it looks like all those bullshit photoshoots from Vice Magazine.

Hi there, we are Sons & Daughters, aka the Crown Jewels of Scotland, and we have been asked to keep a journal of our tour here in the US of A. Here is a list of our personnel:

Adele Bethel - Warbling.
Ailidh Lennon - Low End.
Scott Paterson - Plectrum Operator.
David Gow - Setting Traps.
Dominic Carlyle Parker - The best tech we can get for the money.
Campbell Mcneil - Turning up the Rig.
Big Dave - Stunt Driver.

Join us on our Million Dollar Tour Bus, as we spread our musical junk across the vast wastes of this incredible land, and get a look first-hand at what goes on in the lives of a group who actively avoid washing themselves from one day to the next, and breakfast on whiskey every single day.

We start our incredibly exciting and sold-out tour in Austin, Texas. We're booked to play a bunch of different gigs and parties here at the South By Southwest Festival. It's officially the most fun town on earth, FACT. In 2004, this festival was the first time we'd ever played outside of the U.K., and we had the time of our lives, let me tell you. Many miserable nobodies at home warned us that it would be rubbish this year because there's too many bands and too many punters and it's all a big busy mess.

How wrong they were, it's a fricking blast in Austin, the weather's beautiful, the atmosphere is electric and we've got lots of good shows to play. After a pretty great radio session for KCRW in L.A., we get 'round to the venue for the night's Domino Records showcase. The joint is called Antone's, and we're playing with the Kills, These New Puritans and Lightspeed Champion, amongst others. It's here that we meet up with many old friends from the 'States, it's the first time that we've seen a lot of these guys since last year. Hiya you guys. Hooray for foreign friends.

Our show itself is incredible, we are so happy to be back after four years, and the audience go nuts when we get on stage to play. It's rammed and afterwards we find out that there's a queue round the block of people trying to get in to see us. After we get our crap off the stage, the Kills get on there and blow the place apart. They're a really great band, and they play a bunch of songs from their new record.

We really want to try and make it round to the Duke Spirit gig in Emo's, but the show here has ran over, so we'd be totally late. Typical SXSW experience. Instead, we hang around for a bit and then end up going to some bonkers party in a hotel suite with the Kills guys and a few lads from the Rascals. The party is pretty terrible, there's about a thousand folk in a two-room suite and it looks like all those bullshit photoshoots from Vice Magazine -- full of fuds, so we grab a beer and leave.

The next couple of days is a blur. We do a radio session with an audience, then we play in Mohawks with Cut:Copy and Clipse, then we go to play a weird Dewars-sponsored party out of the city with Dizzee Rascal (!). He's about to go on when we arrive, surrounded by security, and there's a big bouncy castle next to the stage where a lot of kids are jumping around while Dizzee cusses everything good. It's hilarious and extremely enjoyable. By the time we take the stage, it's twilight and I think the free whiskey has taken it's toll on the audience, who start leaving in droves. We're that good. We pack up having had fun anyway and it's off for something to eat and a few drinks. Another busy day follows, so we decide to get our heads down earlyish like.

Next day, there's more radio sessions, and then we're scheduled to play the Scottish Arts Council Party in a place called Latitude. It's pure crazy when we get down there. The band Make Model are on and it's rammed to the gunnels and we're told we've got 10 minutes to squash our garbage onto the tiny stage. We have a great time: it's so packed that people are left outside to listen on the sidewalk. We rip through about six tunes then clear off for Frightened Rabbit to take the stage. Great fun.

Afterwards we go to a restaurant called Maiko, which is pretty much one of our favourite places in the world. It does Japanese/Pacific Rim fusion type food, and it is incredible. Later, we go down to Mohawks to watch the band Black Mountain, who are awesome. Then it's a jump in a taxi to the hotel for a bit of kip (editor's note: a nap, people).

Next day, our press agents are having a party which they've invited us to play along with J Mascis, Lightspeed Champion and Thurston Moore. It's a nice change of scene because it's in the grounds of a museum outside the centre of town. The weather is beautiful, and the beer is cold. We are asked to pose for pictures with a protest placard of our own choosing. We write "STOP NEUTERIN' ROCK N' ROLL", which was the most hilariously funny thing we could think of at the time.

It's a nice vibe, and although the backline gear for the show is utterly inadequate, we rock the party anyways. The audience seems to really dig it. Unfortunately we have to leave this nice scene right away, because we've got to go and sit around in a boring TV studio for about 4 hours, to record a TV performance later that night. Dull, dull, dull. However, we enjoy the show, it's really weird to actually have a soundcheck for a change. We were just getting used to plugging in and going. We really enjoyed the frantic runaround, hopping from one show to the next, flying by the seat of our pants. So, with the TV show finished, we rush straight over to Waterloo Park to see the Breeders play. They're absolutely fantastic, they even play "Happiness Is a Warm Gun". Choice. Afterward we meet Kim Deal in the backstage bit and Adele gets her photo taken with her.

With heavy hearts, we run back across town to rendezvous with our new home for two weeks: the Million Dollar Tour Bus. It wheels up to the hotel door, and we all excitedly run down with our gear to see what it's like. We ain't never had a tourbus before. It's astonishingly good. We're extremely sad to leave Austin though, it has been such an excellent time that we want it to continue a little longer. However, we've got some road to drive and shows to do. And, with that, we head of into the night, towards Atlanta for our first show of the next leg, which I'll tell you about another day...

Remember, what goes on the road, stays on the road. See you in the charts!... and other witty slogans.