Dawson Extends 'Juno' Buzz With Kids Album

Kimya Dawson might be able to tell us how to get to Sesame Street in the near future.

Kimya Dawson might be able to tell us how to get to Sesame Street in the near future.

The singer/songwriter tells Billboard.com that a call from the producers of the popular children's public TV series has been one of the most welcome opportunities in the wake of her involvement with the chart-topping "Juno" soundtrack album.

"We're talking about all different kinds of things. I might do some music work with ('Sesame Street'), which is like my dream," Dawson says. "I'm a kid of the '70s, and I definitely grew up with 'Sesame Street' -- the old 'Sesame Street.' I'm just a huge, huge fan."

It's a timely association, because Dawson recently finished work on "Alphabutt," a new album of children's music she hopes to release in August. Song titles include "The Alphabutt Song," "Seven Hungry Tigers," "Little Monster Babies," "Wiggle My Tooth" and "Pee Pee in the Potty," and collaborators include former Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan and a number of Dawson's other musical friends and their children.

"They're not those little fake, smiley faced, typical kid backup singers," Dawson says of her youthful cohorts. "They're screaming and saying whatever they want. It's how kids want to do music, not like when they're in school taking lessons and all sitting in rows on bleachers."

As for the "Alphabutt" songs, Dawson notes, "they're not necessarily anything like a lot of other kids music that's out there. I think the songs are really free, which is a little different from a lot of other kids music I've heard. And I think kids will connect with it, musically, 'cause it's actually kids playing. It's really free and kind of wild."

In addition, Dawson has two new songs on "Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs," due April 8 via iTunes and a week later at traditional retail. The collection rounds up songs intended for the movie that wound up not making the final cut. Included among them is a tune sung by "Juno" star Ellen Page.

Dawson has also contributed a track, "Anthrax," to the soundtrack "Body of War: Songs That Inspired An Iraq War Veteran" but says any plans for a next adult album are up in the air. "I'm on tour," she says. "I just made a record. I'm not in a hurry to get another one done when ('Alphabutt') isn't even out yet."