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Hi there,

I have a question regarding Bette Midler's new greatest hits album, "Jackpot! The Best Bette." The album has only been available to purchase at her Las Vegas show and will be released to the rest of the public April 29. Will the units sold at her Vegas show be taken into consideration for chart/certification purposes? Also, has there been an increase in her album sales since she started her Vegas show?

Thank you!
Dustin Olmsted

Hi Dustin,

Are the CDs actually being physically sold at the show? Or are people only pre-ordering the CD, which will then be sent to them later?

If the latter is the case, then those pre-orders, when fulfilled to the customer, can count towards the charts, once the album becomes generally available to all consumers.

What it sounds like, though, is that you can buy the CD at her show and take it home with you. None of those sales are being reported to Nielsen SoundScan, and they will not be "rolled up" or count towards her overall SoundScan sales total once the album is available nationwide.

As far as certification information, please visit the Recording Industry Association of America Web site at


Dear Keith,

Here in her homeland, Celine Dion just broke sale records for the DVD "Live In Las Vegas: A New Day," having sold over 300,000 copies. I have also noticed that she has been doing well on Billboard's Top Music Video Chart. Can you tell me how many copies she has sold to date in the U.S.? Also, what is the biggest selling music DVD to date?


London, Ontario

Hi Mikey,

The "New Day" DVD has sold 254,000 in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan.

There are a number of music DVDs that have sold in the millions, including Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin" (1.1 million) and the Eagles' "Farewell I Tour: Live From Melbourne" (1.3 million). So, Dion is still a bit away from becoming one of the top selling music DVDs, but, considering her strong fan base and the unique nature of the DVD, one can imagine it will have a long shelf life.


Hi Keith,

I was just wondering how many albums Radiohead's "In Rainbows" has sold so far in the U.K., in the U.S. and also the rest of the world.

What about Pulp's "This Is Hardcore." How many has it sold?

Thank you,

El Monte, Calif.

Hi Damian,

I can tell you what each of those albums has sold in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan. However, in the U.K., sales are collected by the Official U.K. Charts Company, which is not affiliated with Billboard or Nielsen SoundScan. Thus, I can't access their U.K. sales data at the present.

As for worldwide figures, there is not one independent firm that tabulates global sales. So, unfortunately, I don't have a worldwide figure for you either!

So, in the U.S., "In Rainbows" has moved 447,000 while "This Is Hardcore" has shifted 86,000. ("Rainbows'" figure does not include the sales it registered when it was a download-only release. Radiohead opted not to report those sales.)