Ten Minute Turns

Visual and audio art go hand in hand with Brooklyn's Ten Minute Turns.

Visual and audio art go hand in hand with Brooklyn's Ten Minute Turns. Songwriting principals Alan Foreman and Roger Mason met while at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where "there were no other musicians," according to Mason. They made music together at house parties and eventually made their way to New York. Foreman started work at cartoon company Animation Collective, while Mason became roommates with multi-instrumentalist Jacquee Novak, who later became his girlfriend and joined the band. ("Though, we can't remember in what order that all happened," she says with a laugh).

Mason's boss at Animation Collective caught on to the group's buoyant music—which blends Foreman and Mason's dueling lead vocals, guitars and quirky noise samples—and matched them with a new project, the kung fu Nickelodeon cartoon "Three Delivery." Ten Minute Turns now is charged to compose the show's score and wrote the theme song. The show has been picked up for syndication in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada and beyond.

In another visual endeavor, the band (which also includes drummer Jason Schultheis and guitarist Peter Forcucci) can be seen in naked-seeming suits in the dazzling music video for its song "Long Night Drone." Directed by RISD cohort Neil Forman, the video was recently accepted into the Los Angeles and New York International Independent Film & Video festivals.