Krewella Responds to Kris 'Rain Man' Trindl Lawsuit

Yesterday (Sept. 30), news broke about a lawsuit filed by former Krewella producer/DJ Kris Trindl against his ex-bandmates, sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. Trindl seeks at least $5 million in damages for allegedly kicking him out of the EDM group unfairly.
Hear Mary J. Blige's Club-Ready 'Nobody But You'

Hear Mary J. Blige's Club-Ready 'Nobody But You'

Mary J. Blige doesn't need to wait for a DJ to remix her latest song; the R&B singer went ahead and remixed it from the start. "Nobody But You" features the yearning, soulful lyrics we're used to from Blige, but this time it comes with a pulsing dance beat.
Leo Nocentelli, 2010.

Grammy-Winning Guitarist Leo Nocentelli Allegedly Denied Entry to Travelodge Because of Race

On Sept. 30, guitarist and composer Leo Nocentelli sued Travelodge Hotels, Inc. for race discrimination. Nocentelli, a member of New Orleans instrumental outfit the Meters who has won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and recorded with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Paul McCartney, and Mavis Staples, alleges that San Francisco's Market Street Travelodge denied him a room that he had he reserved because he was black.
Prince's Three-Hour Facebook Q&A Yields One Actual Reply

Prince's Three-Hour Facebook Q&A Yields One Actual Reply

Despite his usually prolific pace -- he's got 25 studio albums under his belt and just released two new albums -- Prince is not exactly tearing it up online. On Tuesday, he kept that not-so-hot streak going on Facebook.
Pulp Fiction, 2014.

Was 1994 the Best Year for Movie Soundtracks?

From 'Pulp Fiction' to 'Reality Bites' to 'The Crow' to 'Natural Born Killers,' 1994 marks an essential turning point for movie soundtracks as we know them today.