Madonna Leaves Ariana Grande 'Dying' After Previewing 'Rebel Heart'

With one tweet, Ariana Grande wore her (rebel) heart on her sleeve. The "Love Me Harder" singer couldn't contain her excitement on Saturday (Dec. 20) after Madonna released six new songs, including her new single "Living For Love," off her forthcoming Rebel Heart album.
Iggy Azalea for Billboard

Q-Tip Weighs In On Iggy Azalea

On the same day Lupe Fiasco was asked about Iggy Azalea by a fan, Q-Tip took to Twitter on Saturday (Dec. 20) to also share his opinion of the female rapper who has faced her share of criticism this year about cultural misappropriation.
Lupe Fiasco Shares His Thoughts On Iggy Azalea

Lupe Fiasco Shares His Thoughts On Iggy Azalea

Another day and Iggy Azaela remains a hot-button issue. On Satuday (Dec. 20), just one day after the hacking group Anonymous threatened to release photos of the rapper from an X-rated tape, Lupe Fiasco has also been asked to weigh in on the rapper's place in the industry by a fan on social media.