50 Musician Mugshots

It's been a busy week for our less law-abiding celebrities. Not only did Lil Wayne finally begin his long-time-coming prison sentence, but D'Angelo got nabbed for soliciting sex from an undercover cop. Sucks for them ... but they're not the only famous faces who've been nabbed by The Man. Whether they're hip-hop gangstas, country crooners or squeaky clean pop tarts, history has proven time and time again that no musician, no matter how famous, is out of reach of the law's long arm.

With that in mind, we decided to look back at 50 of the most memorable musician mugshots. Some stars are dapper, some are demented-looking, most are just damn angry ... but they all fought the law. And the law won.



Lil Wayne Begins Jail Term

D'angelo Hit With Prostitution Charge


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