The Top 25 Music Moments of 2010
The Top 25 Music Moments of 2010

We're not saying "video killed the radio star," but viral videos have certainly found a distinct place in our musical landscape. chronicled the music-related clips buzzing around the 'net all year long on our Viral Videos Column, and now we're proud to present our favorites of the year.

YouTube Remix Auteurs Turn Ordinary Videos Into Pop Music Hits

Here's hoping 2011 brings just as many moments of chuckle-worthy Internet famedom.

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20. 50 Cent's "Down" with Keenan Cahill

It was a match made in viral video heaven -- 50 Cent, a rapper who knows a good PR stunt when he sees one, and Keenan Cahill, the 15-year-old YouTube sensation whose Top 40 lip-syncing has earned him millions of views. The two came together for an amateur bedroom duet set to "Down on Me," Jermih's new single featuring 50 Cent, and the results pretty much redeem 50 for any past, present and future mistakes. When he puts his chain around Cahill's neck, you can't help but wish it was you.

19. Wasted Guy Trips Over Flip-Flops At Coachella

There was a fine lesson to be learned from this video of a guy trying to put his flip-flops on at Coachella: if you're planning to get wasted beyond belief at a music festival, you should probably wear sneakers. The video, shot by merciless onlookers with a great sense of humor, captured an unidentified 2010 Coachella attendee who was so drunk/stoned/you decide, he couldn't put on his right flip-flop for the life of him. Hopefully his sober self found the results as funny as everyone else did.

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