Top 10 Latin 'Love' Songs of All Time

Gerardo Ortiz

Alvaro Robles

Billboard Hot Latin Songs' biggest ever canciones de "amor"

"Amor" is a word that needs no translation, and it's one that Spanish-language songwriters have always used with abandon to create the romantic songs that are cornerstones of Latin music. We salute all the Latin lovers -- and lovers of romance -- out there with this list of hit songs that include "amor" in the title. Here are the Top Ten 'Amor' songs of all time from the Hot Latin Songs chart.

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Pimpinela, "El Amor No Se Puede Olvidar"

A brother-and-sister team acting out romantic scenes together on stage may not really be what first comes to mind for your Valentines Day soundtrack. But if there's a duo that knows how to deliver the drama of a love song, it's Pimpinela. The Argentine siblings Lucia and Joaquín Galán, who covered ABBA and recorded a song together with Diego Maradona (with whom Lucia confessed to having an affair), have spent three decades singing about matters of the heart.

Pimpinela's song "El Amor No Se Puede Olvidar" reached No. 5 on the Hot Latin Songs chart in 1993. Campy, yes, but you could get a little misty watching this video about relationships remembered.


Gerardo Ortiz, "Amor Confuso"

Regional Mexican music might be the best remedy for a love hangover; or is it the tequila? On this track, ladies man Gerardo Ortiz gives the phrase "drowning your sorrows" new meaning when he tells his impossible lover that he wants to be the drink that helps her to forget him. A toast to the wrong relationships we can't help going back for more for, "Amor Confuso" ("Confused Love") went to No. 3 on Hot Latin Songs in 2012.


Maná, "Amor Clandestino"

The Mexican pop-rock superstars get a little kinky in this video, with frontman Fher Olvera donning a cutout leather mask as he sings about different sorts of clandestine lust, from secret teenage crushes to strip club transactions, to an orgiastic costume party attended by the band members. "Amor Clandestino" reached No. 3 on the chart in 2011.


Chayanne, "Amor Inmortal"

Puerto Rican star Chayanne recorded this "supernatural" pop song for the vampire vs. clergy-themed telenovela "Gabriel, Amor Immortal," in which he co-starred with Mexican actress Angelica Celaya and Latin icon José Luis Rodriguez "El Puma." The song rose to No. 2 on Hot Latin Songs in 2008.


Ricardo Arjona, "El Amor"

Ricardo Arjona is a little down on love in this song that went to No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs in 2011. In the lyrics he describes love as "sitting and watch the mortal parade of the cadaver of all your dreams pass by." Well ok then, happy Valentine's Day, Ricardo! But Arjona is a poet, even in a cynic's pose. While this beautiful ballad is a good break up song, the faithful can take it as a meditation on the ups and downs of relationships, and why they're worth keeping.