Think Madonna kissing Britney Spears at the '03 VMAs was surprising? Check out that plus nine other wacky moments from MTV Video Music Awards' history.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Smooch, 1994

About a minute into the clip, you see Lisa Marie Presley squirm and clutch her stomach, probably because she knew what was coming. The on-stage kiss between her and the King of Pop seemed more like a dare than a real-life romance. In fact, the Britney/Madonna kiss might be more believable.


Diana Ross Feels Up Lil' Kim, 1999DIANA ROSS AND LIL KIM

Lil Kim's outrageous boob-baring outfit was already a hot topic by the time she joined Mary J. Blige on-stage to introduce Diana Ross. But when the Supreme lady gave Lil' Kim a lil' jiggle on the podium, the moment became the stuff of VMA legend.


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