25 Movie Stars Turned Musicians

Scarlett Johanssen, Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel

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First we watched them on the big screen, many of them -- like Kevins Bacon and Costner, Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp -- reaching mega-star success. But that wasn't enough. No, these movie stars-turned-musicians wanted to express themselves with a mic or a guitar, parlaying their success into the music world.

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In honor of this weekend's Oscars, which take place on Sunday (March 2), we've picked out 25 awesome movie stars-turned-musicians. Some moved from the silver screen to the stage and never looked back while others keep music on the side (you may not even know they're musicians), but all of them have seriously rocked after making their names in the movies.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow's musical talents are a fairly new discovery. First she dipped into the country world, starring in Country Strong and performing at the 2010 CMAs with Vince Gill to perform the film's title track. But her censored take on Cee Lo's "F**k You" on "Glee" -- and their Muppet-rific 2011 Grammy performance together -- will be what everyone remembers. It's too bad that a collaboration with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin isn't too likely these days.

Jennifer Lopez

Long before she was on "American Idol" every week, Jennifer Lopez was just a Fly girl on TV's "In Living Colour." So if we're getting technical, she was a dancer before her breakout role portraying famed Mexican pop star Selena -- an endeavor that fittingly led into her own music career. Seven albums (and what feels like a million rom-coms) later, J.Lo is now a part of Spanglish television. "Q'Viva The Chosen," with ex-hubby Marc Anthony, debuted in 2012.

Jamie Foxx

There's no doubt Jamie Foxx beautifully channeled the spirit of Ray Charles on the big screen, but the actor continued to show off his musical skills by releasing four R&B albums since -- and charting in the top 10 with 2006's "Unpredictable" and 2009's "Blame It." Coincidentally, Foxx's biggest musical splash has been his collaboration on Kanye West's "Gold Digger," on which he sings a Ray Charles-esque hook.

Russell Crowe

Gladiator stud Russell Crowe has some notable swagger up his sleeve, so we can believe the Aussie actor has quite the rock'n'roll frontman history. 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (TOFOG) formed in Australia in the early nineties before Crowe found success stateside, and the band later evolved into Russell Crowe & the Ordinary Fear of God, who have loose plans to release a new album and tour in the future.

Steve Martin

Those unacquainted with the world of bluegrass music may be scratching their heads at this choice, but Steven Martin has actually won a Grammy (best bluegrass album for The Crow in 2010) for his musical accomplishments. It's nice to see funny guy Martin staying true to his instrument, as the banjo was a staple of his early stand-up comedy act. And if you're keeping track, he's also an accomplished novelist.

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