15 Sensational Superhero Songs


This summer has been all about superheroes, with the blockbuster success of "Marvel's The Avengers," the recent release of "The Amazing Spider-Man" and the upcoming sure-to-be smash, "The Dark Knight Rises." This weekend, comic book aficionados from across the country are making their way to San Diego to celebrate our faithful heroes at the city's annual Comic-Con convention.

Soundgarden Record First Song in 15 Years for 'Avengers' Soundtrack

In honor of the comic festivities, we're celebrating the best in superhero-inspired music, from Eminem's self-indulgent "Superman" to Queen's energized "Flash" theme song. There are quite a few songs for Batman and the Man of Steel, plus a little something for each of DC and Marvel's caped, winged and masked crusaders.

'Iron Man'

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath's most well-known song may be about a time-traveling, destruction-seeking man turned to steel rather than the Marvel character, but that didn't stop the filmmakers behind the first of the "Iron Man" films from tossing the 1970 heavy metal jam into the movie's credits. Their approval is enough for us.

'Captain America'


With Chris Evans fresh off the silver screen, where he reprised his role as Captain America in the new "Avengers" flick,