K-Pop Hot 100 Chart: Top 10 Songs of the Past Year & Birthday Wishes From Big Stars
K-Pop Hot 100 Chart: Top 10 Songs of the Past Year & Birthday Wishes From Big Stars


K-Pop Hits the Billboard 200

K-pop invaded the Billboard 200 chart in early May when a Girls' Generation sub-unit debuted at No. 126 beating incredible odds. Made up of three members Tiffany, Taeyon, and Seohyun, the splinter group Girls' Generation- TTS (also known as TaeTiSeo) made a dent with their digital "Twinkle" EP. The feat becomes all the more impressive when you consider the set was released on a Saturday with no American promotion or even any tracks in the English language. BIGBANG also appeared with a No. 150 entry on the Billboard 200 in March.

SISTAR's New Singles, New No. 1s

SISTAR claimed the inaugural K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1 with their hit "So Cool" on August 25, 2011. The track and video showed SISTAR as all knew them to be at the time: cheerleader-esque charm with high-energy Euro-dance productions. SISTAR shook things up in the spring with new single "Alone." The slow disco track was not only a sonic change, but a visual one with SISTAR playing seductive femme fatale roles. The concept worked and SISTAR claimed another No. 1 on the chart which would go on to the No. 8 biggest song of the year. Fast-forward to the summer, SISTAR threw fans for a loop going funky with summer single "Loving U" giving them yet another huge hit. The reign of "Loving U" is still going strong as it sits in the Top 10 today in its seventh week on the chart and No. 15 of the top K-pop songs of the past year.

K-Pop Dominates In Japan

Many groups struck gold in Japan. Girls' Generation and T-ara both earned No. 1s on the Japan Hot 100 with singles