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Lil' Wayne performs onstage during the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 21, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Lil Wayne's Top 30 Billboard Hits




Released on the soundtrack from the LeBron James documentary "More Than a Game," "Forever" earned the four MCs another ring on Top 40 radio. Lil Wayne takes the third quarter here, while Eminem blacks out during the finale to easily win the game.
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A Milli

Positioned as the third track on "Tha Carter III," "A Milli" was the moment in which Wayne's breakout album became a classic. Working over Bangladesh's indelible beat, Weezy delivers an endless stream of quotable lyrics -- who could look at Orville Redenbacher popcorn the same way after this song? -- and made us reconsider the difference between goons and goblins.
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The Motto

Drake capped off his sophomore LP "Take Care" with winning Lil Wayne collaborations like "HYFR" and "The Real Her," but "The Motto" immediately stood out as a rapid-fire late-album gem. While Weezy struts around comfortable alongside T-Minus' beat, credit must go to his protege for coining "YOLO" on this track.
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Can't Believe It

In the same year that "Got Money" blasted onto the chart, T-Pain and Lil Wayne slowed things down for the first official single to the former's "The33 Ringz" album. While shots of Lil Wayne singing in Auto-tune on a ferris wheel in the music video remain comforting, that planned "T-Wayne" album is looking less and less likely.
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Look At Me Now

Whatever your feelings toward Chris Brown, it's hard to say the elastic ferocity of Diplo's beat on his "F.A.M.E." single, which scaled the pop charts and dominated the hip-hop tally last year. Busta Rhymes runs rampant with his verse, but Weezy drops the most revealing line: "My pockets right and my diamonds white/And my momma's nice, and my daddy's dead."
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How To Love

Lil Wayne slowed it down and scored with this "Carter IV" ballad about a girl who can't seem to find that "forever" kind of love. Along with semi-justifying Weezy's dip into rock with "Rebirth," "How To Love" helped the fourth entry in Wayne's "Carter" series move 964,000 copies in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
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Before Lil Wayne got money and T.I. asked what we know about that, the rappers assisted the ladies of Destiny's Child on this 2004 jam from their final studio album, "Destiny Fulfilled." The song, which impressively scaled the U.S. Hot 100, found Lil Wayne still establishing his superstar potential one year before "Tha Carter II" brought him newfound buzz.
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Let It Rock

Weezy gave a huge assist (and a verse and a half) to Cash Money signee Kevin Rudolf on the smash first single from the singer-songwriter's "In The City" album. "Let It Rock," which crashed the Top 10 of the Hot 100 in 2008, has easily proven to be Rudolf's biggest hit, although he once again tapped Lil Wayne for follow-up singles "I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)" and "Champions."
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The first single from "Tha Carter III" proved to be the album's biggest hit, despite being a weird, minimal, Auto-tuned jam that few saw coming from the rising star. Lil Wayne's explicit ode to everything nasty carried a sad note with its chart rise, as the song's featured artist, Static Major, died suddenly in February 2008.
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Another Cash Money protege who used Lil Wayne's star appeal to garner blockbuster chart results, U.K. artist Jay Sean made his mark on the States in 2009 with the ubiquitous pop track "Down." The Hot 100 chart-topper features an interlude that demonstrates Weezy's most likable qualities circa 2009: humor ("And honestly, I'm down like the economy!"), sex talk ("Down like she's supposed to be/She gets down low for me") and, of course, questionable but unavoidable Auto-tuned singing.
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