Britney Spears' Top 10 Biggest Career Moments

Britney Spears' Top 10 Biggest Career Moments

Oops! Britney Does It Again

After bursting onto the scene in 1999 with "...Baby One More Time," Spears returned in full force one year later with the sophomore effort "Oops!... I Did It Again," one of the most successful female pop albums of all time. With over 1.3 million units sold in its first week of release, "Oops!" still holds the record for the highest sales in one week by a female artist ever. And along with the monster sales came a durable collection of hits, including "Lucky," "Stronger," and of course the title track, which Spears unforgettably performed in a skin-colored spandex get-up at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

Britney + Justin = Pop Royalty


Before there was Justin and Selena, there was Justin and Britney: Spears and her fellow "Mickey Mouse Club" alum Justin Timberlake enjoyed a celebrity romance at the beginning of their budding careers, with the *N Sync star and the pop princess spending their 20th birthdays as pop culture's prettiest couple. Sadly, the good times would not last: Spears and Timberlake ended their relationship in 2002, and breakup anthems like JT's "Cry Me a River" resulted.

Britney Raises Eyebrows with 'Slave' Performance

One year after Spears showed off some skin while performing "Oops!... I Did It Again" at the 2000 VMAs, the pop star once again courted controversy during her follow-up at the 2001 MTV ceremony. Performing the "Britney" lead single "I'm A Slave 4 U," Spears slithered onstage with a collection of live animals, and eventually danced while carrying a large albino snake draped across her shoulders. A little over two years after presenting her innocent image on the "...Baby One More Time" album cover, Spears had abruptly become an adult on the VMAs stage.

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