20 Memorable Musician Meltdowns


Fiona Apple

At a 2000 performance at New York's Roseland Ballroom, Fiona Apple broke down in tears and left the stage after a 40-minute performance due to sound and monitor problems. "You know, I just wanted to do real well in New York ... But f---! I can't hear myself!" Apple reportedly cried before yelling at journalists to not blame her for the poor performance. After that tour wrapped, Apple was inactive for years before returning with third album, "Extraordinary Machine" in 2005.


After scoring a hit with "I Like That" in 2004, R&B singer Houston botched a suicide attempt in 2004 -- and ended up gouging his left eye out. The Los Angeles singer was apparently been struggling with his newfound fame and reportedly said that he "had to get the devil off of his back." Since the incident, Houston has not recorded any new music.

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