Aaliyah's Top 10 Billboard Hits



5. "Rock the Boat"
Peak Position: 2
Peak Date: 10/27/01
Weeks On Chart: 26

One of the seven of Aaliyah's longest charted tracks, "Rock the Boat" is bittersweet -- although it features Aaliyah's singing at its best, she passed away in a tragic plane crash when coming home from filming the song's video. The magic of the track comes from the combination of Aaliyah's velvety vocals and seductive lyrics. Ironically, the second single off her third studio album was written two years before it's official release, but not recorded due to the label's hesitance towards the lyrics, according to VIBE.

4. "Miss You"
Peak Position: 1 (1 week)
Peak Date: 2/8/03

Weeks On Chart: 26

The unreleased song on Aaliyah's first posthumously released compilation album "I Care 4 U" (2002) was Aaiiyah's third and final No. 1 song. The visuals for the second single from the Billboard 200 No 3. album featured snapshots of Aaliyah's earlier videos and cameos from her close friends and collaborators, such as DMX, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Lil Kim and more.

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3. "Back and Forth"
Peak Position: 1 (4 weeks)
Peak Date: 6/11/94
Weeks On Chart: 26

Aaliyah's Billboard chart history began with the first single off her first debut album. "Back and Forth" charted at the No. 1 spot for four weeks. In the laid-back track, penned by R.Kelly, Aaliyah shows she's not afraid to be anything but herself. In the video, shot in her hometown of Detroit, Aaliyah plays one-on-one with Kellz and brings her real-life high school friends in front of the lens.

2. "Are You That Somebody?"
Peak Position: 1 (7 weeks)
Peak Date: 7/25/98
Weeks On Chart: 26

"Are You That Somebody?," which appeared on the "Dr. Dolittle" film soundtrack, effortlessly transitioned Aaliyah into the pop realm. Produced and co-written by Timbaland, the second single off the soundtrack samples D. Train's "You're the One for Me" and Prince's "Delirious," from which the famous cooing of a baby comes from. "Are You That Somebody?" peaked at No. 6 on the Pop Songs chart on November 21, 1998. The hit resurfaced when Drake showed his adoration for Aaliyah by interpolating a part of the song's chorus into his verse on Young Money's Rap Songs No. 1 hit "BedRock."

1. "One in a Million"
Peak Position: 1 (8 weeks)
Peak Date: 12/28/96
Weeks On Chart: 26

At eight weeks, "One in a Million" marks Aaliyah's longest reign at No. 1 on Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop . The title track and second single off her sophomore album was, of course, written and produced by Missy Elliott and Timbaland. The combination of Timbaland's drum 'n' bass-influenced production, Missy's penmanship and Aaliyah's vocal arrangement made this track innovative and rapturously atypical. "One in a Million" staked its claim on the chart for 26 weeks.