More than 20 years after "grunge" became more than a synonym for dirt, learning a Nirvana cover remains rite of passage for young rock bands and rock veterans alike. Remembering frontman Kurt Cobain on what would have been his 46th birthday today (February 20), we present a stellar cover of each track off Nirvana's crowning jewel, 1991's "Nevermind." Patti Smith, Weezer, Animal Collective, Muse and Seether take a stab, among others.

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"Smells Like Teen Spirit," Patti Smith

Tori Amos was one of the first, presenting a 1992 cover that Kurt Cobain called "a great breakfast cereal version." The Melvins and former teen idol Leif Garrett tackled the song, oddly enough, with a ferocity matched only by the original. Weird Al took a stab, along with hundreds of other acts, including Miley Cyrus and certain "American Idol" contestants. But which cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the greatest? We must tip our hats to Ms. Patti Smith, a rock'n'roll poet with as complicated emotions toward fame as Cobain himself. In 2007, Smith gave "Teen Spirit" a banjo and fiddle treatment for a jangly little tribute on her cover album, "Twelve."  She even added a bit of her own poetry into the classic track. Fitting.

While it's tough to trump Patti Smith's cover, if anyone was going to do it, underground L.A. hip-hop duo J*DaVeY might be the fiercest contenders. Featuring the sweet crooning of Miss Jack Davey, this "Teen Spirit" cover blows us away, despite its low profile. Listen below.


"In Bloom," Deer Tick

If there were Nirvana cover band awards, Deervana -- the tragically short-lived party project of alt-country act Deer Tick -- would win the award for truest to form. The group, who performed full-blown sets at SXSW 2011 and at NYC's Northside Festival in June 2011, spared no ounce of effort as they destroyed guitars, drumheads and the like promptly following the set that spawned this "In Bloom" cover.


"Come As You Are," Yuna

One has to appreciate a musician who can take a song originally driven by raging electric guitar and turn it into something delicately beautiful. Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna does just that with her recent electro-pop cover of "Come As You Are," complete with a stunning accompanying clip.


"Breed," Weezer

In the late 1990s, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo created something called "The Encyclopedia of Pop," a binder in which he picked apart the mechanics of pop songs that caught his fancy. One of the main bands featured happened to be Nirvana, an act Cuomo has cited numerous times as an influence. At a Los Angeles show in 1998, Cuomo and co. -- playing under the alias of faux metal band Goat Punishment -- finally paid tribute to Nirvana with a cover set, including a nearly identical cover of "Breed."


"Lithium," Polyphonic Spree

Colorful indie-pop collective the Polyphonic Spree took Nirvana's "Lithium" to joyous heights unsung by Kurt and co. Harp, piano, brass, strings and what sounds like hundreds of voices join in for a high-energy take on the third single from "Nevermind." The quiet-loud dynamic remains, as does Novoselic's haunting baseline, but the attitude leans more toward "happy chaos" than "search and destroy."