Billboard ranks the highest-paid musicians of the past 12 months.


Barbra Streisand


BARBRA STREISANDWhile she put up respectable numbers in the recorded content realm, Streisand cracked the Moneymakers list on the strength of her live performances: $30 million from a mere eight shows, topped by a return to her hometown of Brooklyn at the new Barclays Center.


Rascal Flatts


RASCAL FLATTSOne of the top hitmakers in country music history, Rascal Flatts sold more than 600,000 physical albums in 2012, and a whopping 3.8 million digital tracks. The group's touring has found another gear, and the band once again finished in the top 25 among all touring acts for the year.


Eric Church


ERIC CHURCHChurch is now in the big leagues, earning respect at rock clubs and endearing himself to country fans, who bought nearly 700,000 physical units, nearly 300,000 digital albums and 4.2 million song downloads in 2012. And he is just hitting his stride, as large-venue headlining dates await.




NICKELBACKThe band's 2011 release, Here and Now, continued to move last year, with 650,000 album and 2.7 million track sales. But Nickelback's Moneymakers ranking reflects its status as the most consistent touring rock act to break through this millennium, solidly in the top 20 artists on the road annually, touring in a multi-year deal with Live Nation.


Carrie Underwood


CARRIE UNDERWOODNow a bona fide arena-level headliner, Underwood's career is clicking on all cylinders, topping 1 million in physical units and nearly 400,000 digital album sales and 5.5 million digital downloads.


Taylor Swift


TAYLOR SWIFTSwift is a record-selling powerhouse, moving nearly 3 million physical units and more than 1 million digital albums, and a staggering 15.6 million digital tracks, driven by the release of Red and its mega-hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." The bulk of Swift's sold-out Fearless tour took place in 2011; had it been fully in 2012, Swift's ranking would be significantly higher.


Brad Paisley


BRAD PAISLEYPaisley's album sales are more than solid, but the country guitar slinger has become one of the most consistent touring stars, even as the competition increases. With nearly $35 million in Boxscores for 2012, he finished 16th among all acts on the road.


Celine Dion


CELINE DIONDion at the Colosseum in Las Vegas is the gift that keeps on giving, with the artist reporting more than $36 million in Boxscore revenue for 2012. Since her Vegas dates don't have the associated costs of touring, Dion's profit margins are significantly higher than acts who take it on the road.


Lady Antebellum


LADY ANTEBELLUMThe country trio proved its star power as a headlining act in 2012, finishing 14th for the year among all touring artists and moving more than 850,000 tickets. Lady A also rang up nearly 1 million units in physical sales and more than 350,000 units on the digital front.




ADELEAdele continues to ride the wave of the biggest-selling album not just of 2011, but of 2012 as well - 21 is the kind of old-school smash that keeps finding new fans, with staggering physical sales of nearly 4 million units and digital equivalents topping 1.2 million. Adele scales these Moneymaker heights with no help on the touring front in terms of revenue or album promotion.


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